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With over ten years of recruiting experience, see what just a few of our clients and candidates had to say about us. Our customers depend on us to provide a reliable, confidential, and informative customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards.   Here is what our customers say about our services.

Yuanbin Yao -  May 02, 2013

Heather is a highly talented technical recruiter with great insight of what the IT industry needs. She is able to quickly and accurately match candidates' background to employer's requirements. Heather is well-connected and working hard, she is always reachable even she travels overseas. Heather is very friendly and considerate, so I always feel I am talking with an old friend during each phone conversation. I am very impressed with her effectiveness , professionalism and leaderships, she always does proper follow-ups on status updates and helps close loops among all parties in a short time frame. I am really grateful to Heather for her guidance and help during the entire hiring process.


Aniket Desai -  March 01, 2013

Heather is unlike any other recruiters I have come across for over 10 years of my professional career. She found me on a career web site for a job that matched extremely well to my skills, and because of her, I had a job offer in less than a month since I knew about it. Heather is extremely personable and punctual - traits that were glaringly lacking in almost all other recruiters in my experience. She helped me get the interview on my preferred time and date, set my expectations right, and helped me negotiate the package. She also helped me through the new hire/orientation process and ironing out all minute nuances that would otherwise seem daunting to me as I leave my current job and start a new career with a little bit of anxiety.


Anil Mirge -  February 08, 2013

As the name itself indicates - Heather is an inspiration like an evergreen flower with extreme compassion and inner desire to inspire others. I worked with several vendors in the past during my 7 plus years of contracting experience in the IT industry, but they were just vendors. Unlike others, Situated Consulting is more of a Career Building institution which cares more about your future and try to help you find the perfect client while helping the clients finding the perfect candidate. I have nothing but respect and love for kind of work, dedication, unbiased guidance and compassion that Heather has shown towards my dream job. I can't forget your patience in answering all my questions whether it's late in the night or early in the morning at 5 am and supporting my choices while steering me towards the right direction.

I would love to recommend Heather and Situated Consulting to all the professionals out there (including my dear one's) and be sure that they are in the best hands who not only knows how to find the perfect opportunity but someone who strongly believes in maintaining long term relationship.

Can't thank you enough Heather.


Jin Pak -  September 22, 2012

Heather is totally different than other recruiters I have met. No Joke!!! She knows what she is doing. She found what I was looking for and supported me everything from the beginning until I got the offer. Trust me guys. She doesn't just introduce the jobs, she will get you hired to the JOB YOU WANT.

Many thanks to you, Heather...


Kyle Upton -  June 06, 2012

Heather is a first-rate technical recruiter. From my initial contact with her to even after my accepting an offer, she was professional and thorough. Especially helpful, she provided very useful and practical advice during each step of the process. I highly recommend Heather to anyone involved in a job search or career move.