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Looking for a job is not only a job in of itself but it can also be overwhelming, exhausting, and tedious. Let us do the work for you.  We will find you a job that is close to your home, within your salary requirements, that also matches your technical experience. We will then guide you from resume submission, through the interview process, and finally from offer to acceptance.


Our goal is to make the candidate experience with Situated Consulting a unique and rewarding process.  We completely understand how difficult it is to be between jobs, seeking a better opportunity, or in a transition from moving to a new area.  Our placement consultants will do everything in their power to simplify your job search and rapidly find the best opportunity available by:

  • Understanding your career needs and expectations
  • Finding a job as close as possible to your home
  • Negotiating not only best salary but also better vacation, equity, and health coverage
  • Identifying a work environment that slightly exceeds your technology expectations in order to give you the growth and depth of knowledge that will help you advance in your career

From preparation and placement... and beyond:

  • Advice and personal assistance with tailoring your resume to the available positions
  • Detailed preparation for each and every interview
  • Client feedback following every interview
  • Post-Placement follow-up reviews



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