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As a hiring manager it can often be a challenge to recruit your own prospects while still doing your own job - managing a team as well as a project.  Let us manage the hiring process for you. We have a team of seasoned recruiters that have been trained to listen, gather requirements, and deliver based on those needs.  Let us earn our fee by having us carry the weight.


Are you frustrated by having vital positions open for months?  Are you concerned about losing additional staff or revenue due to a vacant position? Have you identified individuals who seemed to fit the role technically but somehow failed to mesh with the team or the company culture? Now, imagine potentially filling your positions within 24-72 hours with no loss in productivity or profit.  Simple...Fast... Effective...Those are the trademarks for the Situated Consulting System.



Our system begins by assigning you one of our seasoned consultants to immediately establish a clear understanding of your placement needs and timeline, as well as arranging an interview process that best fits your busy schedule. Next, we ascertain the technologies you currently use, the size of your environment, what is actually being developed, and more importantly, you vision for your company's technological growth. Focused with this information, we connect with our networks and quickly identify 5-8 of our top draft picks who meet your salary, location, and clearance requirements, sending those resumes to you for your review. All of our potential candidates will be prepared and available to promptly interview at your convenience. Our clients generally identify a candidate they are interested in hiring within 24-72 hours of undergoing the interview process.



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